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Gertrude Stein Xmas Artist Profiles: Jasmine Porter

Growing up, Christmas in my house was always a celebration of family. We would spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my Grandmother's house. Christmas Eve was a quiet night - the children would play together in the living room while my Grandma and her daughters prepped the next day's dinner (and let's be honest, probably did some last minute gift-wrapping). On Christmas morning we (the kids) would wake as early as possible. We were allowed to play amongst ourselves and open only our stockings. Once the adults woke up, we would all open gifts by the Christmas tree, taking turns unwrapping our presents so that we could all celebrate and acknowledge the gifts that were being given and received.

After Christmas morning, the kids would return to the living room to play with new toys while the my Grandma, mom, and aunts finished readying the house for the evening; the evening would bring extended family, holiday games, more presents, and of course, lots of food.

Jasmine Porter appears as Susan in Theatre Unbound's A Gertrude Stein Christmas, devised by the ensemble from Stein's play "Turkey and Bones and Eating And We Liked It," premiering at the 2018 Minnesota Fringe. Get your tickets now!

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