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Gertrude Stein Xmas Artist Profiles: Laura Wiebers

We had a tradition of setting out cookies and milk for Santa to snack on when he arrived at our house. So one Christmas Eve, my toddler-sized nephew and I spent the evening making cookies for Santa. They were sugar cookies, decorated to the max, with red frosting, green frosting, silver sparkles, multi-colored sprinkles. The cookies were coated in frosting and sugar, and so was every surface of the kitchen.

After we arranged the plate of cookies for Santa, the auntie (now exhausted) started the long process of cleaning the kitchen. The little nephew (now revved up on sugar), instead of heading off to bed, climbed into the cupboards and hauled out all the ingredients to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies (not coincidentally, his favorite kind).

Santa and Child

Auntie (in desperation): “Hey, buddy! We don’t need to make any more cookies! We already made cookies for Santa!”

Nephew (with an ulterior motive): “No, Santa doesn’t like that kind.”

That year, Santa scored two kinds of cookies at our house.

Laura Wiebers appears as Henrietta in Theatre Unbound's A Gertrude Stein Christmas, devised by the ensemble from Stein's play "Turkey and Bones and Eating And We Liked It," premiering at the 2018 Minnesota Fringe. Get your tickets now!

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