Melissa Simmons

Gertrude Stein Xmas Artist Profiles: Melissa Simmons

Every Christmas when I was a kid my family would drive to my Grandparents farm in Nebraska for Christmas Eve. There was always a lot of loud conversation, louder laughter, and occasionally the requisite family feud. My favorite part, however, was driving home late at night. I would look out the car window, and just before dozing off for a long winter's nap, I'd see it... a glimmer in the sky that could only be Santa's sleigh.

Moon in Night Sky

Melissa J. Simmons co-directs Theatre Unbound's A Gertrude Stein Christmas, devised by the ensemble from Stein's play "Turkey and Bones and Eating And We Liked It," premiering at the 2018 Minnesota Fringe. Get your tickets now!

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