SILKWORMS spin up again in Oregon

Conceived by Isabel Nelson and Anne Bertram and premiered at Theatre Unbound in 2014, SILKWORMS (A NUN PLAY) will be performed at the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University in May 2019.

SOU Professor David McCandless says,

We wanted to produce Silkworms because it’s a uniquely beautiful and powerful show. We’re always looking for plays with good parts for women, and found this to be an extraordinary–and quite different–take on the theme of women living in a man’s world who have to cope with an imposed and unjust disempowerment. In its stillness and (deceptive) simplicity, the play explores this issue on a very deep level. It’s also a remarkable piece of physical theater, that uses restraint (a restraint interestingly intersecting with the women’s restrained lives) to remarkably creative effect.

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