The Clean House Artist Profiles: Jasmine Porter

1. At this moment, is your house clean? Uhm – kinda? Most of my house is clean – but my laundry definitely needs to be done.
2. What’s your favorite cleaning task? I love any cleaning as long as I can play good music (but I hate doing laundry).
3. What’s your favorite thing about “The Clean House”? I love how the relationships grow and develop between characters from beginning to end. There’s a lot of dynamics at play and the show often feels like an in-depth analysis of how humans learn to love, accept, and grow with one another.
4. Why should people come see this show? The play thoughtfully captures the nuances of all types of love – platonic, familial, intimate – in a way that is relatable and silly. It’s a fun and funny show about relationships, love, and friendship!

Jasmine Porter appears as Matilde in Theatre Unbound’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House. Jasmine is so excited to be working with Theatre Unbound again for this production. This is Jasmine’s second production with Theatre Unbound and she couldn’t be happier to continue working with such a great company! As a local theatre artist, Jasmine has most recently performed with Theatre Unbound in “A Gertrude Stein Christmas,” in the MN Fringe Festival; LoomLab Company’s devised production of “Persephone”; and Youth Performance Company’s “Just Before Sleep”. Jasmine is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College where she devised and performed with the social justice theatre troupe, I Am We Are. When she is not performing, Jasmine can usually be found at a dog park playing fetch with her dog.

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