The Clean House Artist Profiles: Laura Wiebers

1. At this moment, is your house clean? Um, no. There’s not a lot of time to clean during tech week, so things get a little out of hand.
2. What’s your favorite cleaning task? Vacuuming. Instant gratification.
3. What’s your favorite thing about “The Clean House”? Working with our talented director, cast and crew.
4. Why should people come see this show? It’s a hilarious (and occasionally heartbreaking) take on the messiness of life and love.

Laura Wiebers appears as Ana in Theatre Unbound’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House. Laura Wiebers is honored to be working with Carolyn Levy and Theatre Unbound. She previously appeared in TU’s productions of A Gertrude Stein Christmas, Silkworms, Girl Shorts, Murderess, Frankenstein Incarnate: The Passions of Mary Shelley, The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women, The Tempest, Girl’s Got Pluck, Bits and Pieces, and St. Luke’s. She has also appeared at the Guthrie Theater, Park Square Theatre, Lyric Theatre, Ebullient Theatre Company, The Playwrights’ Center, Six Elements Theatre, Flower Shop Project and the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Her work has also been seen in commercials, industrials and feature films.

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