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Did I Tell This Who Would Believe Me?

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist profile: Giuliana Pinto

Giuliana Pinto (Set and Prop Designer) is an installation artist with a background in painting and film. Her work is focused on using interactive spaces to guide participants through ruminative […]

Ashe Jaafaru Headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Ashembaga (Ashe) Jaafaru

This show is STILL relevant for today—this story illustrates and highlights the conflict/discourse between gender normativity, the ill-will of patriarchy and rape culture and how marginalized people navigate their agency in the midst of it all.

Jeni Long headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Jeni Long

Jeni Long (Stage Manager) is delighted to help with such remarkable production. She is a proud company member of Theatre Unbound. Her most recent stage manager credits include It Can’t […]

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