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Julius Caesar

...the production seemed to negate the question of gender altogether.

W. Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

24-Hour Play Project 2009

Prominent local artists walk the tightrope of on-the-spot creation.

Quinton Skinner City Pages

Directors’ Gym 2004

A wonderful challenge in creativity.

Kelly McGowan Participating director

Sherry’s Basement

"Blessed with a certain loopy charm."

City Pages

BABE: An Olympian Musical

Breaks as much ground in theater as its amazing lead character did in sports.

Lydia Howell Twin Cities Daily Planet

My Sister In This House

Bold...a disquieting tragedy.

Dylan Hicks City Pages

The Tempest

A winner.

William Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

24-Hour Play Project 2005

Always interesting and funny.

Graydon Royce Minneapolis Star Tribune

24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2013

Artists really like the challenge.

Sheila Regan City Pages

Anna Bella Eema

...a fractured operetta about the inchoate, wild countours of the distinctly feminine interior landscape.

Susannah Schouweiler KnightArts blog


Emotionally compelling...terrifying...darkly comedic.

William Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

24-Hour Play Project 2004

Guaranteed to depict females as wearing their brains a hell of a lot higher than their brassieres.

Dwight Hobbes Pulse of the Twin Cities


From start to finish, entertaining, intelligent, witty and funny.

Goldstar audience member Audience review

Broken Peaces

Theatre Unbound rides a subway to fabulousness...the narratives are compelling...Coulombe has a particular interest in the tales that new immigrants bring to this country, and several of her characters' accounts of political violence in their native lands are harrowing.

Max Sparber City Pages (May 24, 2000)

Girl Shorts 2013

There is absolutely something for everyone in a single evening.... You may not cry, but you’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, and you’ll be glad you came.

Sophie Kerman Aisle Say Twin Cities

The Most Massive Woman Wins 2009

this show was so worth it! i just sat there wanting to laugh and cry because all of it was so true and terrible at the same time. it sounded like they were writing about my life! life of all women. it was really powerful that they were so beautiful but yet dealt with the same issues i do. that says so much about our society and womens' issues. a great glimpse of the life of a woman for men to see too!

brenda atkins The Most Massive Woman Wins

Medea: a Noh Cycle

...this forceful production illuminates the misogyny and injustice that compel [Medea] to vengeance.

John Townsend Minneapolis Star Tribune

Girl Shorts 2014

Now bigger and better!

Sheila Regan City Pages

Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll & Hyde Play

...the Bernie Madoffs of Wall Street...knew what they were doing, just at Dr. Jekyll knows what he is doing.

Kim Hines Director

Piece of My Heart

One of the top regional productions I have seen.

Shirley Lauro Playwright

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women

A scathing satire, skewering the mythology of sisterhood. A strong cast of diverse women carry the story ... successful as a comedy, but ...thought-provoking as well.

William Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

Expecting Isabel

Delightful and frighteningly funny

John Olive How Was The Show

Brilliant Traces

Linder and Poirier paint their characters with subtle yet purposeful strokes.

Quinton Skinner City Pages


You are telling my mother's and my grandmother's stories!

Audience Review

Women! Live On Stage! (2006)

Dazzling...a theatrical feast

William Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

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