24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2018

6 new plays created in just 24 hours with some of the Twin Cities’ most bad-ass female theatre artists!

“The resulting plays could crash and burn, turn out mind-blowingly awesome, or maybe a head-spinning combination of the two.” (City Pages)

New and different this year:

In addition to the ingredients you voted for, the plays incorporated ingredients contributed by local women artistic directors. Michelle Hensley from Ten Thousand Things, Wendy Knox from Frank Theatre, Kate Powers from The Redeeming Time Project, Rhiana Yazzie from New Native Theatre, Sarah Rasmussen from Jungle Theater, and Liz Neerland from nimbus have dreamed up wild, inspiring elements for our artists to include.

Smack Talk was joined by the fabulous VERISIMILITUDE HIPTOSS. Veri said, “I’m soooooo looking forward to uplifting this Smackdown event into an affair to remember in the 21st century with a little of my personal flair. Smack Talk won’t even see what’s coming.”

We have a hashtag. #tusmackdown2018. Use and follow!

The plays:

Written by Ray “Lighter Fluid” Macairan & Mike “Skyscraper” Hentges
Directed by Shalee “The Showman” Coleman
Featuring: Mickaylee “Mayhem” Shaughnessy, Tyler “Time Twisting” Martin and Boo “The Ghost Maker” Segersin
Special Ingredient: Liz Neerland (nimbus) Line of Dialog: I don’t even remember buying this cheetah.

Written by Katie “KABOOM” Vang & Toni “The Helicopter” Halleen
Directed by Delta “Gamma Pow” Giordano
Featuring: Carolyn “Levy-Me-Alone”, Hails “The Whale” Colwell, Craig “The Transformer” Benson and Volcanic Virginia Vaske
Special Ingredient: Kate Powers (RTP) Line of Dialog: I always thought Shakespeare was just for white people.

Written by Rachael “Get the hell out of my way” Brogan Flanery & Eli “Death Merchant of Venice” Effinger-Weintraub
Directed by Charla Marie “Bad Mama Jama” Bailey
Featuring: Anna “Octoprof” Sutheim, Stephanie “Half Pint” Ruas, Tessa “La Reina” Dahlgren and Kari Elizabeth “The Great Pyrtector” Godfrey
Special Ingredient: Michelle Hensley (Ten Thousand Things): a key

Written by Paige “Collateral Damage” Collette & Ruth “Pain Circus” Virkus
Directed by Alexandra “Bad Ass” Gould
Featuring: Renee “Wreck ‘em” Werbowski, Michelle “La Branca” Casali & Craig “The Transformer” Benson
Special Ingredient: Wendy Knox (Frank) Stage Direction: She turns a cartwheel, then flips the bird

Written by Lyssa “the Queerdo” Sparrow & Gina “Muscle Memory” Musto
Directed by Alison “Babe” Ruth
Featuring: Samantha “Fancy Feet” Singh, Victoria “Drunken Potato Famine” Pyan and Alicia “Aquarian Queen” Britton
Special Ingredient: Sarah Rasmussen (Jungle): A really large iced latte

Written by Eva “Devil Tooth” Adderley & Kit “the Hammer” Bix
Directed by Melissa “Miss Direction” Simmons
Featuring: Alison “Elephant Stomp” Anderson, Lily “Big Biscuit” Noonan, and Nissa “Brawn-tosaurus” Nordland
Special Ingredient: Rhiana Yazzie (New Native Theatre): PinkiePie

Smackdown Staff:

Master Wrangler: Mara “Foxy Lady” St Pierre
Box Office Captain: Anne “Gray Eminence” Bertram
Box Office Lieutenant: Danielle “Soul of the Party” Schreppel
Technical Mastermind: Brittany “The Whip” Pooladian
Stage Commandant: Orit “The Hair” Ackerman
Backstage Ninjas: Jeni “The Mad Hatter” Long, Deisha Long & Precious Long “The Riot Girls”, “Bad-Ass” Ben Pooladian
Playwright Wrangler: Matthew “Deus Ex Machina Blues” Everett
Supreme Chancellor of Craft Services: Barbara “Bullseye” Davis
Volunteer Wrangler: Charla Marie “Bad Mama Jama” Bailey
Web Guru: Laura “Lemme at ‘em” Wiebers
Photo Master: Scott “Tutú Ardilla” Pakudaitis
Video Monkey: Otto “Powerstroke”
Graphics Wizard: “Pixel Man” Greg Vanselow

January 13, 2018
8:00 pm

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