Best of the 24-Hour Plays

The best of five – five years of the 24-Hour Play Project, that is. The most brilliant, daring, heart-warming, outrageous scripts featuring women theatre artists ever written between nine PM and 5 AM.


The Monologue:

Written by Anne Bertram
Directed by Heather C. Brady
Featuring Stacey Poirier

Tess’s Lament:

Written by Betty Liedtke and Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Directed by Wendy Resch Novak
Featuring Michelle Cassioppi, Maggie Bearmon Pistner, Dwight Gunderson

The Birthday Cake:

Written by Jeannine Coulombe and Victoria Stewart
Directed by Delta Rae Giordano
Featuring Laura Wiebers, Tammy Shanley, Angela Skinner, Dwight Gunderson

Church Bus:

Written by Brenda Bell Brown and Toni Halleen
Directed by Gretchen Weinrich
Featuring Sarah Wojciechowski-Prill, Chenea Love Green

Star Wars 3.5: The Empire Strikes Out:

Written by Edward Linder and Stacey Poirier
Directed by Katherine Cattrysse
Featuring Trudy Monette, Dewey Cornwell, Tammy Shanley, Mary Karcz, Shannon Buchda, Stacey Poirier

Creative Team:

Stage Manager: Renée Petersen
Set/Props: Noë Tallen, Tammy Shanley and cast
Costumes: Shannon Buchda, Stacey Poirier and cast
Sound: Edward Linder
Graphic Design: Kirstin Hangsleben


Article: City Pages

August 3, 2006
7:00 pm