Fifth Annual 24-Hour Play Project

The concept is simple: create and perform new works of theater in the space of a single day. The project is an exhilarating and collaborative performance experience in which several 10-minute vignettes are written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours. Theatre Unbound was the first company to bring the 24-Hour Play concept to the Twin Cities.


Church Bus:

Written by Brenda Bell Brown and Toni Halleen
Directed by Katharine Horowitz
Featuring Bonnie Allen and Erin Appel

Mixed Emotions:/h3>
Written by Betty Liedtke, Tammy Shanley and Peg Flaherty
Directed by Cheryl Moore Brinkley
Featuring Karen Wiese-Thompson, Noë Tallen, Kristin Richardson and Christopher Kidder

Cassandra 2006:

Written by Cherie Anderson and Matthew A. Everett
Directed by Carin Bratlie
Featuring Mikki Daniels, Kara Greshwalk, Margot Parker, Amber Bjork, Jen Rand and Sara Schmidt Boldon

The Mask:

Written by Mariah Christensen and David Lind
Directed by Gretchen Weinrich
Featuring Jennifer Conway, Angela Marsh and Richard Logan

At the Everlasting Cocktail Party in the Sky:

Written by Anne Dimock and Mirian Monasch
Directed by Wendy Resch Novak
Featuring Maggie Pistner, Carin Leonard-Gorrill, Mary C. Karcz and Laura Wiebers

Ford Every Stream:

Written by Anne Bertram and Carol Critchley
Directed by Laura Wilhelm
Featuring Renee Werbowski, Angela Skinner, Dana Munson, Jamie Kleiman, Miriam Monasch and Kari Kelly

Creative Team:

Hosts: Ahna Brandvik and Greta Grosch
Musician: Jennifer J. Holt
House Manager: Shannon Buchda
Stage Manager: Sarah Bauer
Crew: Jennifer Long, Tammy Shanley, Delta Giordano and Derek Sandbeck
Graphic Design: Kirsten Hangsleben

Benefit Gala Committee:

Sari Carlson, Jodi Montgomery and Mike Halls


Press Release

January 28, 2006
8:00 pm
One Night Only

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