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Theatre Unbound presents readings of 6 semifinalists in the Little Black Dress Ink (LBDI) international ONSTAGE competition. Come see the scripts that impressed! #FEMALEPLAYWRIGHTSROCK!


Working Late

by Rachael Brogan Flannery
Minneapolis, MN


by Nayna Agrawal
Chicago, IL

At the Gates of the House of the Mother of Waters

by many-time Smackdown veteran Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Minneapolis, MN

The Shoebox

by Anne Hamilton
Quakertown, PA

After the Chicken Dance

by Jaclyn Grogan
Carbondale, IL

Solo Journeys

by Kirsten Van Ritzen
British Columbia, Canada


Anne Bertram
Cameron Cylkowski
Kathryn Fumie
Star Larson
Emily Lund
Kristen Mathisen
Peter Ooley
Laura Wiebers

March 10, 2015
7:30 pm
One Night Only

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