In the heart of an abandoned woman, justice fuses into vengeance. A thrill ride, propelling us hopelessly along, careening on the edge of precipices from which we get fearful glimpses of the darkness of human nature. Featuring company member Stacey Poirier in the title role.


Nurse: Sara Jane Olson
Tutor: Andrea Peterson
First Woman of Corinth: Pam Christensen
Second Woman of Corinth: Jamilla Anderson
Third Woman of Corinth: Melissa Bechtold
Medea: Stacey Poirier
Creon: Raine Hokan
Jason: Steve Lattery
Aegeus: John Agurkis
Jason's Slave: Jane Davich
Children: Liana Simonds, Geneva Martin

Creative Team:

Stage Manager: Rebecca Grazzini
Set Design: Ben Chadwick
Costumes: Stacey Poirier

October 27, 2000
8:00 pm
Opening Night
October 28, 2000
8:00 pm
October 29, 2000
7:30 pm
October 30, 2000
7:30 pm
November 2, 2000
7:30 pm
November 3, 2000
8:00 pm
November 4, 2000
8:00 pm
November 5, 2000
7:30 pm


Audience review

...this forceful production illuminates the misogyny and injustice that compel [Medea] to vengeance.

John Townsend Minneapolis Star Tribune