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The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women

Overrule the objection …
Opening night for the Emma Goldman Theatre Brigade. Who betrayed the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia? Who will play the lead? Will either of the critics “get it”? You be the judge. Really.

Audience participation in this courtroom drama creates a profoundly engaging excursion into a world of women who are survivors and abusers.

Actually a farcical play within a play, the drama opens as members of a radical feminist theatre group are about to implement their innovative lottery system aimed at ensuring equal opportunity for all. They each draw the role they will play on this evening from a hat, putting sisterhood to an iron test. The performance that follows is the conspiracy trial of five women who are accused of denying the defendant Anastasia Romanov her identity. Audience members decide throughout to overrule or sustain the attorneys’ motions, creating a different play at every performance.

One of the Best Productions of the Year: “… staged crackingly.” (Lavender)

Funniest Performance of the Year: Stacey Poirier (Lavender)


Marie: Stacey Poirier
Betty: Kirstin Kuchler
Donna: Laura Wiebers
Melissa: Katherine Kupiecki
Athena: Christine Winkler
Diane: Laura Coates
Lisa: Noë Tallen
Jenny: Emma Gochberg
Amy: Delta Rae Giordano

Creative Team:

Movement Coach: Heather C. Brady
Dramaturg: Anne Bertram
Stage Manager: Jennifer Long
Costume Design: Stacey Poirie
Props Design: Noë Tallen
Lighting Design: Becky Hardy
Sound Design: Dixie Treichel
Set Construction: Tyler Martin
Sound Board Operator: Orit Ackerman
Graphic Design: Kirstin Hangsleben
Program Design: Shannon Buchda


Press Release
City Pages Review

March 16, 2007
7:30 pm
Opening night reception
March 17, 2007
10:00 am
"Acting Lesbian" workshop with Playwright Carolyn Gage (part I)
March 17, 2007
7:30 pm
Post-show discussion with playwright
March 18, 2007
10:00 am
"Acting Lesbian" workshop with Playwright Carolyn Gage (part II)
March 18, 2007
2:00 pm
March 22, 2007
7:30 pm
Pay What You Can
March 23, 2007
7:30 pm
March 24, 2007
7:30 pm
March 25, 2007
2:00 pm
Free children's theatre class with purchase of adult ticket
March 25, 2007
7:30 pm
March 29, 2007
7:30 pm
Pay What You Can
March 30, 2007
7:30 pm
Audio Described Performance
March 31, 2007
7:30 pm
ASL Interpreted Performance

Stacey Poirier steals the show as the most ferocious of the feminists.

William Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

A scathing satire, skewering the mythology of sisterhood. A strong cast of diverse women carry the story ... successful as a comedy, but ...thought-provoking as well.

William Randall Beard Minneapolis Star Tribune

We were truly blown away by the quality of acting, the fabulous script, etc... we had a wonderful time at the show (and laughed our a$$#s off!!!)

Claire Avitable 20% Theatre Company

I had one of the best times in a theater that I ever had last night. What a fabulous production! Everyone in the cast was stellar. And what a brilliant idea about the voting. Not only did it rivet our attention to the action, but it made its point so clearly at the end when I couldn't vote on anyone's fate. Wow.

Paula Anderson

I think so many of us could be impacted by this show's message and the characters' tactics -- the obfuscation, denial, anger, and disingenuousness around victims rights, identity, and self-preservation. This is the kind of awareness that stirs people to action -- "If you aren't outraged, you're not listening" kind of stuff -- and, (aaaauuuhgh!) self implicating! Talk about holding the mirror up to nature!

Rebecca Yoho College of St. Catherine

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