The Most Massive Woman Wins 2009

Four women walk into a liposuction clinic … (insert snarky punchline here).

Sabine, Carly, Rennie and Cel have all made the decision to remove unwanted “parts” of their bodies. Their stories are unique, yet universal. Stories of desire, temptation, denial and surrender, intermingled with the rhymes we all chanted as children on the playground. A deeply comic and stinging social commentary on our relationships with our bodies.

Presented as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.


Sabine: Lacey Piotter
Carly: Stacey Poirier
Rennie: Roneet Aliza Rahamim
Cel: Chenea Love Green

Creative Team:

Producer: Stacey Poirier
Assistant Director, Movement Coach: Heather C. Brady
Stage Manager: Shannon Buchda
Assistant Stage Managers: Jennifer Long, Anne Bertram
Costume Designer: Alexandra Gould
Sound Designer: Claire Avitabile
Set Designer: Melanie Schatz-Pattay

July 31, 2009
5:30 pm
August 2, 2009
2:30 pm
August 4, 2009
10:00 pm
August 6, 2009
7:00 pm
Audio described
August 9, 2009
7:00 pm

A must-see!

Debra O'Connor St. Paul Pioneer Press

Tough issues that, while at first glance seem to be about the female experience, are unexpectedly and powerfully universal - this is a show for both genders. Incredibly moving, well directed and beautifully performed.

Stan Peal

The gutsiest, most engaging, painful, wonderful, transforming show I've seen in years. Women: Get set for shocks of recognition. Men: Yes, it really is like this. Come only if you have the courage to grow.

Tess Galati The Most Massive Woman Wins

this show was so worth it! i just sat there wanting to laugh and cry because all of it was so true and terrible at the same time. it sounded like they were writing about my life! life of all women. it was really powerful that they were so beautiful but yet dealt with the same issues i do. that says so much about our society and womens' issues. a great glimpse of the life of a woman for men to see too!

brenda atkins The Most Massive Woman Wins

This show is probably my favorite Fringe show I have seen this year. It was powerful and emotional, while also being humorous. The acting was phenomenal; each woman injected realism and charisma into the characters they played. Every woman can identify with the struggle to be comfortable with her own body while being bombarded with negative messages from the media, from their significant others, and even from their own parents. There was one character in particular with whom I strongly identified, but all four of the characters were realistic portrayals of American women. I highly recommend this show!

Heather Baldwin

I encourage all American women to see this show. It is an excellent script filled with controversial subject matter, delivered sensitively and honestly by four very brave and incredibly talented actors. Very professional work and great use of space. This show gets my vote for the best of the Fringe.

Katie Starks

I almost can't believe I'm giving a Fringe show five kitties, but I'm doing it and I have no doubt. This production was, by far, my favorite performance of the entire Festival. All four performers present deeply touching portrayals of doubt, guilt, beauty, and love. Intended to address body image for women, this show addressed, in my opinion, the issue of body image for all of us. Do NOT miss the final performance!

Ryan Grimes

It is easy for me to get seduced by all the funny, funny and funny that Fringe has to offer. It's great to be reminded occasionally that Fringe also offers some damn outstanding straight-up theatre. Not that this show didn't have its funny moments, it did, but went much further and much deeper than 90% of the other work at Fringe. Really terrific; definitely among the top 3 shows of the festival for me. Congratulations to the actors and crew of MMWW and also to Theatre Unbound -- I was familiar with the company but had never made it to a production before; now I can't wait to see what happens next.

Curt Lund

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