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Did I Tell This Who Would Believe Me?

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist profile: Giuliana Pinto

Giuliana Pinto (Set and Prop Designer) is an installation artist with a background in painting and film. Her work is focused on using interactive spaces to guide participants through ruminative […]

Ashe Jaafaru Headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Ashembaga (Ashe) Jaafaru

This show is STILL relevant for today—this story illustrates and highlights the conflict/discourse between gender normativity, the ill-will of patriarchy and rape culture and how marginalized people navigate their agency in the midst of it all.

Jeni Long headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Jeni Long

Jeni Long (Stage Manager) is delighted to help with such remarkable production. She is a proud company member of Theatre Unbound. Her most recent stage manager credits include It Can’t […]

Charla Marie Bailey Headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Charla Marie Bailey

What’s your favorite line in Measure for Measure, and why? “Were you sworn to the Duke, or to the deputy?” (Because it’s my most real moment)

Julie Phillips Headshot

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: JK Phillips

I took a class in rapier and dagger stage combat and no one has ever cast me in a show where I get to use a rapier.

Anita Kelling

MEASURE FOR MEASURE Artist Profile: Anita Kelling

Anita Kelling (Sound Design) is excited to be back with Theatre Unbound for this production of Measure for Measure. Previous productions include, Mere Trifles, The How and the Why, The […]

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