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Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Artists you may remember from TU’s 2017-18 season are all over the Fringe. See what they’re up to:

From WTF: Women Trans Femme Playwriting Workshop:

Beth Ann Powers – Titus: Sweet Water, Silent Walks
Katherine Glover – The Screaming Skull
Kendall Kent – The Buttslasher
Michael Venske – Home

From Measure for Measure:

Samantha Singh – The Womyn’s Mysteries
Meri Golden – Revolt of the Beavers
Stephanie Ruas – A Gertrude Stein Christmas (hey! that’s our show!)
Boo Segersin – Blood Nocturne
Travis Bedard – Cyrano on the Moon

From Aliens with Extraordinary Skills:

Melissa Simmons – A Gertrude Stein Christmas
Jason Gaarder – The Moirologist

There are even more if you go back further in our history. Just a few examples: Carin Bratlie (The Tempest) & Noë Tallen (TU Core Company Alumna) – Medusa; Nissa Nordland (The Taming) – Far Away; Kelsey Cramer (The Taming) – A Justice League of Their Own.

Who’d we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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