Grace Barnstead

The Clean House Artist Profiles: Grace Barnstead

1. At this moment, is your house clean? Yes, my house is quite clean (for once)!
2. What’s your favorite cleaning task? My favorite cleaning task is sorting through and reorganizing things.
3. What’s your favorite thing about “The Clean House”? My favorite thing about this show is how it is full of complex and dynamic characters who navigate the world in completely different ways.
4. Why should people come see this show? People should see this show because it perfectly balances humor and heartache.

Grace Barnstead is Lighting Designer for Theatre Unbound’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House. Grace is an emerging theatre artist in the Twin Cities. She is committed to creating dynamic, original works that keep audiences engaged from start to finish. She believes that artists have the responsibility to push beyond the boundaries of normalized social behavior in order to provoke critical thought and promote social change. She strives to accomplish this in her art-making, conceptually and physically, and aims to be an informed citizen on top of being an innovative artist. Her past lighting design credits include Sweet Charity and Hamlet at Hamline University as well as several dance productions. She is also currently working on designs with Morris Park Players and Youth Performance Company.

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