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The Clean House Artist Profiles: Keara Hannan

1. At this moment, is your house clean? I have 4 feline and 2 canine roommates that ensure my house never gets too clean. At the moment, I’d say it’s at a healthy level of organized chaos.
2. What’s your favorite cleaning task? I really enjoy sweeping – there is something very refreshing about a freshly swept floor.
3. What’s your favorite thing about “The Clean House”? I love the bold way that Sarah Ruhl writes color into the show. I think it creates a striking visual representation of the characters as their colorful personalities combine and collide against the blank canvas of Lane’s spotless apartment.
4. Why should people come see this show? Come and support some great local theatre!

Keara Hannan is Costume Designer for Theatre Unbound’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House. Keara is excited to delve back into the world of costumes in The Clean House after taking a 5 year hiatus to perform as a horseback rider in Medora, North Dakota’s Medora Musical. She has also worked locally as a stitcher for Theatre In the Round (Romeo and Juliet, Murder on the Nile) and is currently a freelance stitcher for VStar’s Costumes and Creatures department. Keara holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Saint Mary’s University of MN.

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