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in partnership with Raw Sugar Theatre

April 6-15, 2018

New comedies from women-identified writers that challenge audiences to rethink their perspectives on gender, sexuality, privilege and community. The Festival includes three short plays that will be presented in rotation.


$15 for a single show
$25 for two shows
$30 for all three shows
Reservations: http://www.rawsugartheater.com or tickets@rawsugartheater.com


Crane Studio
2303 Kennedy St NE #120
Minneapolis, MN 55413


KinksRaw Sugar workshop
Written by Tina Burnside
Directed by Kim Hines
Tracy decides to do the “big chop,” and embarks on a journey from relaxed to natural hair. This play is a humorous exploration of the serious issues that black women face daily related to their hair.
Dana Lee Thompson, Drea Reynolds, Shenique Emelife, Abigail Sharp and Brenda Bell Brown perform.


AceRaw Sugar workshop
Written by Beth Ann Powers
Directed by Margo Gray
Music composed by Jess Eisenberg
Ace tells the story of a young asexual finding her way in a world of middle school crushes, make-out sessions, and sex on TV, with the help of her ace super powers and one confused clone. Also there’s music.
Isabel Middleton-Watts, Antonia Perez, Shawna Brandt, Eric Dymit, and Piper Quinn perform.


Sex, War, and SyphilisRaw Sugar workshop
Written by Katherine Glover
Directed by Morgan Holmes
It’s 1917, and seventeen-year-old Hazel has gone crazy for men in uniform. Her best friend Florence doesn’t like it one bit – and neither does the war department. A historical comedy about a real-life government program to protect soldiers from syphilis by policing women’s sexuality.
Kiko Laureano, Laura Mason, Sabrina Diehl, Kendall Kent and Michael Venske perform.